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At Ampah Lawncare LLC, we pride ourselves on providing expert lawn care services that ensure your lawn is not only healthy and lush but also the envy of your neighborhood. With years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, we serve the Minneapolis area and beyond, offering tailored solutions for each unique lawn.

Twin Cities Lawn Care

Our comprehensive lawn care programs are designed to address the specific needs of every client, from soil health and nutrient management to weed control and pest prevention.

We are an owner operated business and ensure the highest level of quality is provided to each and every customer. We are insured and licensed in Minnesota.

We are a local minority owned business who believes in doing the job right the first time, reinvesting in our community, making beautiful lawncare accessible to people in the Twin Cities, and that no job is too small.

Our Lawn Care Services Include

We Provide a wide range of lawn services, to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful throughout the year. These include:
Mowing and Maintenance
Regular mowing is essential for a healthy lawn. We use the best equipment to ensure a clean cut every time, which helps prevent disease and promotes growth. Our maintenance schedule is tailored to your lawn’s growth rate and the season.
Ampah Lawncare uses a blend of fertilizer treatments designed to provide the necessary nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. We assess your soil’s specific needs and apply fertilizers at key points during the season for optimal growth.
Weed Control
Unwanted weeds not only detract from your lawn’s beauty but also compete trimming with grass for resources. Our comprehensive weed control services eliminate invasive weeds and prevent their recurrence, ensuring your lawn stays pristine.
Aeration is a critical component of a healthy lawn care regimen. By creating small holes in the soil, we improve oxygen circulation, water absorption, and nutrient uptake. This process encourages deeper root growth and enhances the overall health of your lawn.
To ensure dense, lush grass, overseeding may be necessary, especially in worn or patchy areas. We select the best seed mix for your existing turf and apply it at the optimum time to encourage new growth.
Seasonal Cleanup
In addition to ongoing lawn care, we offer seasonal cleanup services in the spring and fall to prepare your lawn for the coming months. This includes debris removal, pruning, and other necessary adjustments to keep plants and your lawn healthy year-round.

Why Choose Ampah Lawncare for Your Lawn Maintenance?

At Ampah Lawncare LLC, we go above and beyond to provide the highest quality lawn care services for our clients. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your lawn maintenance needs:
Our team consists of highly trained and request experienced professionals who use their knowledge to provide top-notch lawn care services.
Customized Solutions
We understand that every lawn is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and address any concerns you may have.
Eco-Friendly Practices:
At Ampah Lawncare LLC, we prioritize sustainability by using environmentally friendly products and techniques in all our lawn care services
Customer Satisfaction
We value our clients’ satisfaction above everything else, which is why we strive to deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations.
Hiring us for your lawn care needs means saving time and effort while enjoying a beautiful, healthy lawn without lifting a finger
So these are just some of the great reasons why Ampah Lawncare LLC is the top choice for comprehensive lawn care services.

What Makes Ampah Lawncare Eco-Friendly?

At Ampah Lawncare LLC, we understand the importance of preserving our environment and minimizing our ecological footprint. That’s why we have made it our mission to provide eco-friendly lawn care services and technology that promote sustainability and protect the health of your lawn.

We achieve this through various practices such as using organic fertilizers, natural pest control methods, and sustainable landscaping techniques. Our team is also trained in water conservation, reducing chemical usage, and maintaining proper waste disposal.

In addition to these practices, we also educate our clients on how to maintain their lawns in an environmentally friendly manner. This includes tips on conserving water and reducing their carbon footprint.

By choosing Ampah Lawncare LLC for your lawn maintenance needs, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a company that prioritizes eco-friendly practices and is committed to creating beautiful lawns without harming the environment.

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